Millie is the co-proprietor of the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center, and has studied Pai Lum Kung Fu for more than 32 years. 

Millie is an authorized senior teacher of the system, which emphasizes student development through high quality, systematic training techniques drawing on 2,000 years of authentic traditions.

Pai Lum is focused on the development of:

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body

  • Increased self confidence and self discipline

  • A peaceful way to vent tension

  • Patience in all aspects of life

  • An understanding of the body and its unlimited potential

  • A focus on breathing exercises to strengthen the body internally

Formal Yoga Training and Certification:

Millie began her formal yoga training in 2005 to expand upon the positive foundations she has built through her martial arts training. Yoga has become a passion for Millie as a means to assist her students to each achieve their true potential.

Millie’s yoga practice emphasizes a combination of compassion, wisdom, and pragmatism. Initiated into the Himalayan Institutes tradition in 2005, Millie has been teaching Hatha yoga since, with an instructional emphasis on alignment, strengthening, flexibility, and diaphragmatic breath awareness through systematic relaxation techniques.

Millie completed her 500- ERYT® (Registered Yoga Teacher) through the Himalayan Institutes teacher training program. 


Millie’s yoga training facilitates::

  • Breath awareness and its relationship to anatomy

  • Pain management, healing, and meditation techniques

  • Systematic relaxation in an established sequence

  • Proper body alignment to improve core strength, focus, and energy

Millie teaches privately and at her yoga studio at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center, Pennsylvania.