I found the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center by accident many years ago, and I have not regretted being a part of it since. Martial arts here are truly taught as an art form, a practical use of self defense, and as a healthy lifestyle. The training is excellent and the motivation is truly exceptional. Anyone in the area that is serious about trying a martial art should give this center a chance, you will not be disappointed. Highly, highly recommended.
— Sam Rothermel
“An invaluable art form which has brought me great challenges as well as rewards. Instruction that holds limitless potential in the discipline of martial arts and in life.”
— -- Brian L., teacher and graphics artist
“Training together as a family teaches us all that it is never too soon or too late to learn new skills, develop self discipline, and set in place a path of constant improvement.”
— -- Jim S., Manufacturing Supervisor
“I am 72 years young, and 17 years ago I quit jogging due to pain and stiffness in my knees due to arthritis. 10 years ago, I started Kung Fu and Tai-Chi, and have had relatively little discomfort since then. However, Sifu Rothermel has modified those techniques that I felt uncomfortable with.”

”P.S.: Memorizing and performing forms also keeps the mind sharp, and NO I don’t ever expect to fight anyone. However, if I did, I have the confidence I would win.”
— Harold P. Retired: Quality Manager, Quality and Reliability Engineering
I’ve studied three other systems of martial arts, but what I’ve learned in my time at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center outweighs all three of those other schools combined. The no-nonsense styles and techniques tought at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center are practical, realistic, and extremely effective for protecting yourself in a confrontation.”
— -- Garrick C, Computer Training Developer
I have done other martial arts in the past, but learning at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center under Pai, Pono Li has been a truly great experience. The training is difficult, but fun, and everyone from the top down is friendly and encouraging. If you are looking for a life-long art I cannot recommend this place enough. I’ve been there since 2008 and despite moving to York, PA I continue to attend classes twice a week.
— John Miller
I originally looked into the school as a more enjoyable alternative than going to the gym to get in shape. Over a year later and I have to say it was the right decision. I feel great and have an appreciation for the art of Kung Fu itself. The instruction is top notch. I have learned so much and look forward to attending classes each week.
— D. Koutsokostas
Having studied a couple of different styles through the years, Pai Lum Kung Fu is by far the most practical, effective and efficient style I have studied. This also has much to do with Sifu Pai Pono Li. His teachings and methods are most excellent. After several years under his study, Pai Lum is not something that I do but rather something that I have become. Pai Lum Kung Fu is highly recommended to anyone looking to change their life in all aspects
— L. Parmelee
I have been training at the Harrisburg kung fu school for over 4 years now and it has positively impacted my entire life!
— K. McKinney
My martial arts experience at the Harrisburg Kung-fu Center has been life changing. Not only have I learned to defend myself, but I have used the skills taught to enrich my home life and progress upward in my work career. Taking classes here has been the best decision I have made; even 25 years later!!
— J. Pollock
Having been to a handful of martial arts schools throughout my lifetime, I can say that this school has given me the most confidence in my ability to defend myself. The conditioning practices that I learned have strengthened my body and mind beyond my expectations. I believe, without a doubt, that the teachers at this school have dedicated their lives to these practices, and they translate this art form in a concise, practical manner that melds seamlessly into the functions of everyday life. I’d highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about health and self-defense
— T. Gordon
This is an amazing school in which to learn martial arts, self-discipline, and healthy lifestyle habits.
— N. Karim
Sifu Rothermel is a patient, kind, and focused teacher who will bring you to levels you never thought possible. You’ll notice a difference in your health and mental prowess immediately. This training is worth every penny. Highly recommended.
— M. Matias
“Mr and Mrs Rothermel’s comprehensive approach, attention to detail, dedication, and care for their students is exemplary. Having studied both Japanese and Korean martial arts systems under various instructors, I only wish I would have found the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center sooner. I unequivocally recommend the Center for students of any age or skill level”.
— David G, Esquire
You can’t ask for any place better if you want to learn the art the way it should be! Have been practicing here for 2 years now and there is something with the way this art is taught here that just keeps you going! Love the place, the people and Sifu!
— A. Gaind
I have been attending this school since the late 1980’s. The most important lesson I have learned is that martial arts study is so much more than mere fighting. Anyone can punch and kick. It takes a terrific teacher like Sifu Rothermel to show me that the hardest battle I will ever face is with myself, and that each day I need to decide if I am worth the struggle. I asked him “What does Kung Fu mean”? and he replied: “Doing something well”. Then continue to improve, since life changes and I change, so I can’t stay still. This school is more than just a building in Penbrook, but a group of people who I consider my family. Once you enter the school, everyone is focused on helping each other succeed, whatever their goals are.
— D. O'hara
I have been training here for about 5 years, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In addition to the excellent self-defense techniques, I have learned patience and self-discipline. I cannot recommend the virtues of Pai, Pono-Li, Pai, Mana_Li, and the Hbg Kung Fu Center highly enough
— E. McKinney
I have been a student at the Harrisburg Kung Fu center for almost eleven years now, and the things that the study of the art has done for me as a person, my outlook on life, discipline, respect, courtesy, and health, both mental and physical, is utterly amazing and quite frankly, very hard to put into words. I think one of the most significant things I have aquired from my study of Kung Fu is an almost overwhelming self confidence that I carry with me always. This confidence is gained through the knowledge of the art, but also, through the mini philosophical lectures Mr. Rothermel, the teacher, intersperses throughout the lessons. The confidence that comes from the knowledge that you have the ability to protect yourself and those you love should the need arise, make it all the more likely that those who wish you ill will think twice about messing with you. Also, it is not all about fighting at HBG Kung Fu. A premium is placed on only fighting when absolutely necessary.
— W. Woodland
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— Jonathan L.
Sifu Rothermel is a patient, kind, and focused teacher who will bring you to levels you never thought possible. You’ll notice a difference in your health and mental prowess immediately. This training is worth every penny. Highly recommended.
— Matt Matias
My 11 year old son and I enrolled in the school a few months ago after researching several other locations. We took a introductory course to see if it was a good match for both my son and myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the instruction was designed to be worthwhile for both age groups.

Even though we are only a few months in, I have noticed a distinct change in my physique and stamina, and have learned many techniques for defending myself.

The center doesn’t only teach self defense, but also instructs you in proper movement and form for daily activities, as well as making healthy choices.

The meditation skills paired with the physical activity, and self control used to perform the martial arts are all part of a “stress buster” arsenal which allows me to feel emotionally and spiritually better every day, even when I am not training.

I would highly recommend Harrisburg Kung Fu Center to anyone who is interested in Martial Arts, Tai Chi, or Yoga.
— B. Fledderjohn
Pai Lum Kung Fu is a truly amazing martial arts form, and this school offers a great amount of opportunities to become not only an awesome fighter, but an awesome person. A true martial artist.The possibilities are endless. Training the body and mind. Living healthy and confidently. Learning and using effective self-defense skills. A lot of weapons to train with. Sifu Pai, Pono Li is an inspiring person and martial artist. The moment i stepped in the door to meet him, i knew this was where i needed to train. Everyone a part of this school, love what they are doing and look forward to helping others do the same. This is not training to tournament fight, although you definitely could, but it’s training to change the way you live. Training to make your life better. Worth every penny and every hour.
— S. Clubine
The Harrisburg Kung Fu Center, led by Sifu Rothermel is an exceptional Martial Arts School where you will learn Pai Lum Kung Fu, known as White Dragon Fist Style. Not only will you learn it, you will begin to live it. I have been attending the school since April of 2016 along with my son, who has been attending for over a year, has achieved his second rank and soon will be testing for his third. It is amazing to watch my son grow and develop in the art of Pai Lum Kung Fu. There is something to be said about the leader of the school, our teacher. He is more than a teacher, he is a mentor. Sifu Rothermel is an extraordinary individual, who is patient, yet assertive. Sifu Rothermel has a gift, not just for teaching the style, but for conveying the meaning of each and every aspect of the art and its application to daily living. I strongly recommend and encourage anyone who is seeking a whole life experience in Martial Arts to come join the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center and receive great training by an thorough and excellent teacher!
— S. Harris