Since 1982 the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center has provided high quality, professional martial arts instruction. It has set the standard in Central Pennsylvania through hard work and constant focus on student progress. 

Pai, Pono Li (Michael J. Rothermel) has owned and operated the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center full time since 1982. Teaching more than 25 hours of classes a week has given Pai, Pono Li teaching experience that is second to none in Central Pennsylvania. His example of discipline and perseverance provides an excellent role model for both children and adults. Pai, Pono Li received his training from Pai, Li Lung (Mr. John A. Weninger), and still trains with him presently. Managing Pai, Li Lung's school in Bethlehem PA for three years provided Pai, Pono Li with the tutelage necessary to properly run the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center.

Pai, Pono Li is joined by Pai, Mana Li (Millie Ramos-Rothermel), his wife, who is also a long time practitioner of Pai Lum Kung Fu and a Senior Student of Mr. Weninger. Both Pai, Pono Li and Pai, Mana Li have beeen studying their art since 1976, and both have received a teaching license from their teacher, authorizing them to teach Pai Lum Kung Fu. Throughout 2000 years of history, this was the only way an individual was allowed to teach their style of martial arts. Following such a tradition assures high quality instruction through an authentic, systematic method of teaching, resulting in excellent student development.

Pai, Mana Li (Millie Ramos-Rothermel) /  Pai, Li Lung's Mr. John A. Weninger)) / Pai, Pono Li (Michael J. Rothermel)

Pai, Mana Li (Millie Ramos-Rothermel) /  Pai, Li Lung's Mr. John A. Weninger)) / Pai, Pono Li (Michael J. Rothermel)

Pai Pono li & Grandmaster Daneil K Pai

Training at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center has something to offer everyone. Perhaps you are seeking an alternative method of staying healthy, reducing stress, losing weight, or improving your self image. Maybe your interest is self protection, building a positive and confident attitude, improving self discipline, or increasing your awareness. You may be looking for personal development, or simply a fun and challenging activity. These benefits and much more can be realized through training at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center. As an example, stress is reduced both by understanding relaxation and the vigorous activity of punching, kicking, etc. We feel accomplishment through consistent training, which will cause you to do the same in your every day life, work, and home.

The Harrisburg Kung Fu Center has been successful in helping people reach their goals through proven, effective methods of teaching. This is why Pai, Pono Li says "If you're going to study martial arts, it should be at a full time school. It is assurance of professional teaching and training, simply because the individual teaching has made a full time commitment to teaching you. For that matter, his/her livelihood depends on it."

Pai, Pono Li attributes his school's success to a constant commitment to the students development. His study of Pai Lum Kung Fu has taught him that "you must constantly strive for improvement." This is one of the first lessons students learn, which helps develop them into positive, growth oriented individuals. Students of the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center tend to achieve and grow in work and school due to the principles they learn through their Pai Lum Kung Fu training. The potential for personal developement is one thing that has kept so many students training at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center for such a great length of time.

There are no promises of rapid development. Everything of worth is developed in small increments through time and effort. Students eventually realize what you do in kung fu relates to life in general. Quick fixes, quick diets, quick promises of fitness are all usually short term. Lasting results in anything you do is based on time, quality, and effort, done on a consistent basis. This is what makes people believe in themselves. No one can tell them they have not earned what they have accomplished. This makes it real... this is what the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center has taught since 1982. Challenging people to grow and make the most of themselves, while developing an art of self protection.